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Meet the Team

Deborah Glenna, LPC, MAC, CACII, CPCS
Clinical Director
Our Clinical Director, a Minnesota native, is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)  She has worked in the mental health field providing service to adults and children for over 20 years.  Prior to moving to Georgia, Deborah has worked with the Federal Government with Prison Re-entry Programming.  In Georgia, she has experience working with children, adolescents, adults and their families in a variety of settings, including outpatient and residential.  She is also ATSA Certified to provide psychosexual evaluations for C&A and Adults.
Christy Clemons, M.A
Chief Operations Officer-DHS/DFCS Services
The COO, a California native, has over 20 years of experience in social service & regulatory compliance.  Christy earned her Master of Arts in Sociology from California State University, Domingues Hills.  She is a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, and has  over 15 years of experience in regulatory & contract compliance in the states of CA and GA.  She has provided monitoring for Child Caring Institutions in ORCC, and was a manager with the Office of Provider Management for DFCS under the Department of Human Services.  Her passion is for ensuring the safety, permanency, and well-being of Georgia's Children.  She also provides consultation for CCI & CPA RBWO providers.
Robert L. Clemons, II, LPC, MAC, CPCS
Chief Executive Officer
 The CEO of New Heights Behavioral Consultants,
Robert L. Clemons II, is a Masters level Licensed Professional Counselor.  He holds certifications in Multi-Systemic Therapy and CBT/MET.  He has over 20 years of experience in the provision of behavioral health services.  He holds a Master of Science degree: Community Psychology from
Florida A&M University. 
Robert has extensive training in working with adolescents with severe emotional and behavioral problems in the juvenile justice system. He has also worked with adults with severe mood disorders and severe and persistent mental illness. 
Jazmine Keys-Fields
DHS/DFCS- Director of Program Operations
(CCFA, Wrap, PUP, Homestead Services)
The DFCS Program Manager, an Atlanta native has over 12 years of DFCS experience and over 16 years of Child Welfare experience. While at DFCS she served as Permanency Case Manager, & Supervisor in the areas of Foster Care, Adoptions and Resource Development in various regions throughout Georgia.  She is responsible for the oversight of all DHS/DFCS Contracted Services for NHBC under the oversight of Mrs. Christy Simpson-Clemons, COO. 
Mrs. Jazmine Keys supervises a team of utilization & quality assurance managers and staff. 
Melodie Casey
Human Resource Director
The Human Resource Director, has over 20 years experience in Corporate settings.  Melodie, a graduate of Tuskeegee University,  has a wealth of knowledge related to human factors, marketing research and consumer evaluation.  Her experience in working in a corporate environment has proven to be a great asset to the NHBC Team.  Furthermore, she assists in the development of employee hiring for the agency, orientation, staff retention, training and development.  
Angela Lewis
Billing Administrator
  ​The Billing Administrator/Chief Facilities Officer, a native of Georgia, has over 25 year of billing administration experience. Her experience in Corporate settings and private outpatient clinics has been an invaluable asset to the NHBC team.  The billing department is responsible for all billing questions related to Tier 2 Core Services.   
Licensed Therapists

Supervisor Trainees
Tier 2 Core/DHS/DFCS Services

1.   D. Harris, LPC
2.   K. London, LPC, CADC
3.   L. Bryant, LPC
4.   J. Beaufils, LPC
5.   L. Deloach, LPC
6.   B. Mosley, LPC
7.   A. Hopkinson, LPC
8.   F. Roberts, LPC
9.   L. Lipscomb, LPC
10. N. Cowart, LPC
11. A. Drake, LPC
12. D. Higgins, LPC
13. S. Mahaney, LPC
14. R. Thomas, LAPC
15. C. Murray, LAPC
16. J. Nash, M.S. (S/T)
17. L. Brown, MSW (S/T)
18. E. Reeves, M.S. (S/T)
19. B. Rollins, MSW (S/T)
20. A. Jones, MSW (S/T)
21. M. Brunson, MA (S/T)
22. K. Underwood, MA (S/T)
23. A. Mckibbins, MSW,CAC II (S/T)
24. C. Ardoin, MMFT/DFCS Assessor
25. K. Underwood, LAPC/Assessor
26. K. Jones, LAPC
27. A. Shorter, M.A.(S/T)
28. S. Torrence, MSW/Assessor
29.  J. Fontenot, MMFT(S/T)/Assessor
​30. W. Blackwell, LMSW
31.  J. Duncan, LPC
Medical Staff/ Physicians

Program Managers/UM
Tier 2 Core/DHS/DFCS Services
1.   Y. Butler, NP
2.   R. Brown, MD
3.   M. Viswanadham, MD
4.   I. Stampley, RN
5.   V. Raymond, PsyD.
6.   D. Glenna, LPC, MAC, CPCS-CD
7.   T. Robbin, M.A.-ACD
8.   T. Pittman, LCSW-Adult PM
9.   Z. Willis, LPC-C&A PM/UM
10. C. Lewis, LPC-C&A PM/UM
10. K. Brown, LCSW-AS
11. D.Bland, LMSW-DFCS-APM
12. L. Luehrman, LPC-DFCS-QA
13. T. Hairston, QA/UM
14. M. Baxter, PM (SOC)
15. G. Wright, CFO
16. M. Clemons, CAO
Paraprofessional & Administrative Staff
Tier 2 Core/DHS/DFCS Services
1.   T. Green, PP, CADC II
2.   K. Oliver, PP
3.   D. Broddie, PP
4.   B. Means, PP
5.   S. Dorcelian, PP
6.   R. Wesley, PP
7.   T. Hinton, PP
8.   W. Brooks, PP
9.   T. Wimbly, PP
10. M. Anidi, PP
11. C. Powell-Intake Coordinator
12. S. Roberson- Admin. Assist 
13. A. Golden, Admin. Assist
​14. J. Wright, Intake Coordinator-DFCS
15. A. Hale, Billing Manager-DFCS
16. G. Simon, Transportation