Restoring Balance & Harmony to Life & Living One Step at a Time!

  1. Bringing Harmony to Life
    Bringing Harmony to Life
    These challenges often affect their ability to function as productive citizens in their work, school, or home environment.
  2. Restoring Balance
    Restoring Balance
    We provide individual, family, group, parenting, couples & marital counseling for persons experiencing challenges in their daily living.
  3. Living One Step at a Time
    Living One Step at a Time
    Professional counseling services are provided by Licensed Professionals with over 50 years of experience in the mental health field.
About US
Our Mission
 to educate, empower, and to expand the provision of effective counseling techniques and interventions to address the specific needs of individuals and families; through culturally specific, clinically relevant strategies and practices that holistically meets their needs.  The result is "restoring balance and harmony to life and living one step at a time."